Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Weekend :: A MUST For Booklovers

You’re getting a massive party in your honor, thanks to reader-in-chief Barbara Vey. She has a unique gift for bringing readers and writers together for lively book discussions, crazy-fun games, parties, meals, and books books books….
Get to know your favorite authors, and meet your next new obsession. Look at the list of authors. Look look look. I MEAN.

Click this link to find out more. Click this link to be the first to get your ticket, on sale at 12:01am on September 9. Hurry, because this event is iconic in the publishing world, and it sells out fast!
All with Milwaukee’s own special brand of hospitality.
Y’ALL. This is their MUSEUM:
Image result for milwaukee
It’s like the Sydney Opera House only closer to home.
Trivia note: One of Jerry’s favorite clients is Milwaukee Tools. He designs their heated outerwear for them. So I imagine Jerry will come along to hang out with the tool guys.
Image result for milwaukee tools jacket


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