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welcome to my world :: july 19-22

I love where I live. And I love showing it off in the summer when it’s the most beautiful corner of the world. And there’s good news–the fine folks at my publisher have organized a fabulous weekend for us to hang out and experience the best of the northwest.
First, the ferryboat. It’s a 35-minute cruise from downtown Seattle to Bainbridge Island.

snacks on board
No filter needed. It’s a wonderful spot to relax and read a book.

Here’s the street where I live. Kayaking and paddleboarding for the water lovers, hiking and biking for the landlubbers…and lolling on the beach, reading a book for the rest of us.

The Manor House is a 1912 mansion that now houses a lovely restaurant and bar. TRIVIA: I got married here.

The main street is full of delightful surprises, including a world-class yarn shop and an adorable indie bookstore.
Image result for churchmouse yarns[photo: Lollyknitting Around]

(gratuitous shot of my daughter and granddaughter)
One of the brightest jewels in the island’s crown is our first stop on the Bainbridge visit–the Bloedel Reserve. I don’t want to say too much about it. This is one of those things you need to see to appreciate. Trust me, it’s mind-blowing. The perfect place to dream, relax, and recharge. Here’s a sneak peek.
Image result for Bloedel reserve
And that’s just the beginning. We’re planning a Seattle welcome reception at the legendary Arctic Club, wine tastings, gourmet lunches, lively conversation…all while enjoying the best weather on the planet. Here’s a full schedule of events.
You’ve heard about Seattle’s rain. But in July, it’s all about the sun. I hope you’ll join me.
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