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Welcome, Bridgerton fans!

Welcome, Bridgerton fans! One of my favorite things about the Bridgerton series,  based on the beloved novels by Julia Quinn,  is that millions of new readers are finding out what romance fans have known all along: Historical love stories are top-notch entertainment. They deliver everything a reader could want in a book–yearning, drama, adventure, passion, rivalries, and a hard-won happy ending.

I cheered when the peerless Shonda Rimes embraced the Bridgertons for one of her Netflix projects. She has an unerring sense of exactly what viewers want, and a style that keeps us enraptured. (Side note for writers: Shonda teaches one of the best Masterclass series.)

It’s especially fun for me, because, like our favorite characters, I have a past. My early books were historical romances, and they’re filled with all the delicious elements that people can’t seem to get enough of. When The Charm School was first published, I got in trouble with my daughter, who was then in high school. To her great mortification, her friends did dramatic readings of the naughty parts in the school hallways. It’s no coincidence that the book was my first national bestseller. Not only was it the horniest book I’ve ever written; it featured a drop-dead gorgeous cover and a timeless fantasy love story that still feels fresh today.  Like the Bridgertons, the Calhoun Chronicles expanded across several books.

To celebrate the surge of interest in this beloved genre, my publisher is reissuing many of my classic titles in various formats–audio, print, and digital.

Harlequin is creating fresh new cover art for the reissued books. I think Ryan and Isabel would approve.

So, if you’re new to the genre, welcome aboard. If you’ve been enjoying romance novels all along, let’s hear from you. What’s the first romance novel that seduced you and turned you into a fan? I’ll start Shanna by Kathleen Woodiwiss.


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