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the next best thing to calling your mother…

…is Chat With Women, featuring booklover Kim Ricketts. On Friday from 8:00am to 9:00am (Pacific), we’ll be talking about Just Breathe, giving away a free copy of the book and riffing on anything else the callers want to hear about. You can listen live here. And hey, call me!

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  1. HEHEHE! I called and left a question. 🙂 I left the Dockside question! I loved that you put her there! 🙂

  2. How fun ! Nice interview Susan – and great question “sharp eyed reader Sarah !”
    Hope the ferry signing was wonderful – I feel left out, I ordered my copy of Just Breathe last week, and I am still looking for it…………
    Nice start to the day, thanks for the heads up !

  3. Yay Sarah! You are so funny. Thanks for the question. It was fun to have a question to answer!
    All – her q was about the cameo appearance of Sarah Moon and Jack Daly, who showed up at the Inn at Willow Lake in DOCKSIDE.
    On the air, I called her a “sharp-eyed reader.” Off the air, I call her a friend!

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