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The heart of your story

Here’s a chance to meet one of the best writers and teachers I know. Work with the incomparable taskmaster on the deepest, most essential part of your story. His most popular workshop will take place online throughout the month of July, so it’s a short commute for everyone on the Web. No excuses! Go for it. BobBobBobBobBob Mayer and Jennifer Crusie

The Original Idea: The Heart of Your Story

Instructor: Bob Mayer
Can you say what your book is about in 25 words or less? This is essential to both writing a tight book and then selling it. In our first online class, we’ll discuss ways to find and state your original idea so that you can excite the reader and stay on course while writing the book. Participants will get the opportunity to share their idea and have it discussed by the instructor and group in an interactive e-mail format. The instructor will post daily with topics for discussion, assignments, general commentary, feedback and responses to specific queries from students. We’ll find out what you really meant to write and the level of interest it generates. All will profit, not just the students whose ideas are discussed, as this workshop will show you how to focus your creative energies.
When: July 1-31, 2007
Tuition and class size: $50, limited to 50 participants
Where: In Cyberspace
Registration: Click here to register online. There will be no registration by mail for this class.

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