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the voice of authority

Hey Seattle-area writers! Come and learn from a master about how to write when you don’t have time to write. With two sets of twins, a gigantic dog, and duel careers as a physician and bestselling novelist, Carol Cassella knows whereof she speaks. Come to a free presentation at the Bainbridge Library, Tuesday, August 18 at 7pm. Details here.
See you there!
Susan, aka Room Mother

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  1. I am always amazed when an author’s books touches upon something happening in the world today. While I never experience many of these thing, I being a woman I know was always paid much less then the men I worked with .. and I worked in a men’s world .. information technology. I worked for a woman boss and I know she favorited and treated the males a lot better than females. It was known through the company. I have since retired

    Thank you so much for the great read .. I stayed up until 2 am finishing it. LOVE.IT

  2. Things were tolerated because there was an imbalance of power in those cases. That is the case of almost all abuse. The prey and the predator. The predator exploits a “weakness” in his prey. The prey feels trapped because the cost of fighting seems too high to pay vs the probable outcome. The outcome is seen as risky and damaging. Especially when it is at the risk of livelihood, community, friendship, reputation, children, her very life, etc. Society makes excuses for men. They tell us to try to be better and the old “You know how they are.” Yeah, we know how they are. Thank goodness because now the cats are out of the bag and we are no longer helping men stuff them back in. Through courageous truth and deep honesty, we can help women become more aware and more conscience of what’s happening to them and around them. Thanks! I enjoyed the book. It was really good and the characters are still with me even after a week and a half and several more books read since then. I won’t forget them. Promise. Great work!!! Much love!

  3. We tolerated it for fear of being called a “prude” or accused of not having a sense of humor. As if we were the ones in the wrong.

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