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The Decade in Pictures

The decade started with a tumultuous but ultimately glorious life change—a betrayal and divorce. I regained my home, my life, and my freedom. I discovered that I have the best friends and family in the world. We had way too much fun at the Ceremonial Purge.

I started doing All The Things because that’s what you do when you’re single.

My very silly daughter & I published a very silly memoir together.

My worldwide travels were interrupted by a Bad Decision, enabled by a Naughty Nephew and his dog.

I experienced the wonders of free medical care for all. And it was wonderful. Thanks, Australia, for the ambulance ride, the emergency care, and the surgery.

It was not in my plan to meet Prince Charming but he showed up one day and we fell madly in love.

We ran away to the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong. We got matching tattoos—a character that means YES.

Later there was a romantic proposal and a groovy wedding and much joy and a long honeymoon involving the Hotel Cipriani in Venice and the Orient Express and Paris and more joy and we have stayed that way forever and a day.

Our grandchild arrived. She’s named Clara Louise after my own dear mum, and she is more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

My Publisher merged with a Bigger Publisher. I said farewell to one of the loveliest editors in publishing and then said hello to another of the loveliest editors in publishing.

Another farewell—the shock and grief of losing my BFF to cancer. Darlene taught me to do it now, because you never want to leave anything undone.

The most wrenching farewell of all was to my utterly beloved dad, who was my rock of Gibraltar all my life.

(Speaking of Gibraltar, we went there, too.)

I started two donor-advised funds to help my community, and I get to fund things that matter to me, like supporting women and the library and art and animals. Thank you, Kitsap Community Foundation and Bainbridge Community Foundation.
I reconnected with old friends and made some dear new ones.

I’ve loved some good dogs. They never stay with us long enough. Farewell to Fisher, Goose, and Baxter. Barkis and Lenny are still with us.

My writer friends kept me on my toes. They keep me honest and hardworking, no matter how bad I want to be done and be lazy and not do One. More. Stinkin. Revision.

I joined a gym. I quit the gym. I bought a Nordic Track. I joined another gym. I can do all the yoga poses except Crow because of my wrist (see above).

My books, like my life, took me around the world, from Daisy Bellamy’s dramatic love story to Caroline Shelby’s cross-country odyssey. Life, like a good novel, teaches you the lessons you didn’t know you needed to learn—and leaves you eager for more.

Here’s to the new decade!
Readers—what were your highlights? What are you most looking forward to?

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  1. Loved your story of the last decade! You inspired me to do something like this as I am retiring in 6 weeks! Thank You for all of your wonderful books! Waiting for another one to go with the Apple Orchard and Bee Keepers Ball!

  2. I so enjoyed this! Good for you! Love your books especially the Apple Orcharge books and so many of your others – You GO GIRL!!!!!

  3. Susan, I enjoyed all the above pictures. I love all your books, and I am looking forward to the next one in July! Hope there is another to the Lakeshore Chronicles!

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