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happy endings

I’m getting  a lot done on my work+fun trip to Australia. Here is one of the best photos I’ve taken. Just a casual phone snap as I was standing in line

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house p*rn

Are you as addicted as I am to home and garden magazines? God, I love them. There is even a nice name for them in the industry: shelter magazines. You

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images and music made easy

So I’ve been asked how to make a musical slide show to share. Like this one: [youtube=] Believe me, I am not very technical. You don’t need to be. Get

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the swimming pool this morning doesn’t look so swimmable, eh? the mosaic fish are happy, though. Just including this shot because they’re so pretty, created by Raquel Stanek: Barkis isn’t

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best of 2008

Everybody’s doing a “Year’s Best” — here’s mine, in completely random order:   best romance novel to re-read: The Windflower by Laura London (aka Tom and Sharon Curtis) second-best re-read: Hummingbird by

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