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Street date

My author copies have arrived. I even know when Dockside will appear in stores, because there is a sticker on the packing boxes:
Dockside street date
The label says, “This box contains Dockside by Susan Wiggs. DO NOT DISPLAY until July 24, 2007.” I cheated a little. Sent an early copy to my mom and Carly Phillips’s mom.
I’m marking my calendar. The idea behind the street date is that the book will go on sale all over North America on the same day. Very smart move by my publisher.

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! on both the banner ad and the copies. I should be receiving mine in the next couple weeks. My UK publisher will also have some to send me.
    I am in Seattle until tomorrow and then it is back to Honolulu!
    (How much kleenex should I have on hand for the moment my box of books arrive?)

  2. Kudos, applause, more applause and more kudos on both
    the banner ad and the copies. Cool cover for DOCKSIDE.
    I’m off to mark my calanders! 🙂

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