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So you want to write a romance novel…

I have another NBF (new best friend) this week. It’s Selina McLemore, an editor at Hachette (aka GCP and other imprints), who sends me the most delicious books. Recently, she mailed an ARC (advance reading copy) of Evenings at the Argentine Club, which I adored because it’s filled with family and community and quirkiness and heart. Then she sent a copy of Jane Hamilton’s latest, which I snarfed down last night while ignoring everything else, including Barkis and Jay.

Selina is a class act with the handwritten notecards.
Selina is a class act with the handwritten notecards.

We’ve all heard the premise before–a clueless but earnest nonreader decides to write a romance novel. After all, how hard can it be? In some writers’ hands, the device could be predictable and unexciting. I knew, though, that Jane Hamilton would make it something special. 
This book is a one-sitting read. It’s funny and dark and surprising. You won’t want to be bothered while reading it. Unless you find yourself scribbling away at your own opus… Brava to Jane. Fabulous book.

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