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so proud of this 4-1/2 star review



by Susan Wiggs

RT Rating: ½
Publisher: Mira
Published: September 2008
Type: Mainstream Fiction





Wiggs delivers another witty and moving story. The author has few peers when it comes to truthful observation of human foibles and fancies. Many women will surely see themselves in Sarah — and those who don’t should at least be able to relate.


Cartoonist Sarah Moon and her husband, Jack Daly, have been through a lot — testicular cancer, followed by a year of trying to become pregnant through artificial means — and it’s strained their relationship. Sarah thinks they’re OK, until she finds out the hard way that Jack’s been unfaithful. She does what any right- thinking woman would do: walks out, and keeps on going, all the way home to California.Surrounded by family and friends, Sarah’s happier than she’s been for a while — until she literally falls at the feet of fireman Will Bonner. The golden boy in high school, Will has problems of his own now — he’s raising his stepdaughter alone. But that doesn’t stop him from trying to fix things for Sarah, who admittedly needs a little help … especially after she finds out she’s finally expecting! (MIRA, Sep., 480 pp., $24.95)

—Catherine Witmer



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