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Santa Lives!

Everyone who likes kids knows how important it is to make a child’s Christmas wish come true. Most of us have been there, up at 2am putting a bike together, painting a dollhouse, wondering if the hamsters will make it through the night.

Our granddaughter Clara is as lucky as she is creative. Her Christmas wish was for a stuffy in the form of a mythical creature she calls a “heart-maid.” This is six-year-old parlance for a mermaid shaped like a heart and stuffed with soft fluff. She drew a picture for Santa so he would know what she had in mind.

Her wishes specify that there’s a dark part on the bridge of the nose; this is how we can tell female heart maids from male ones. It needs heart ears and cheek whiskers. Also, it should have the word “Mama” on the back because Clara’s mama is her favorite person in the world.

The reason I say Clara is lucky is that Santa has a secret weapon—an elf who goes by the name Granddude. When he’s not working on his award-winning designs or creating kids’ adventure wear, Jerry is likely to be found turning a little girl’s vision into reality.

First stop was the fabric shop for supplies. Did I mention one of my best-beloved characters has a fabric shop?

…and then Jerry made the pattern. Did I mention he was the inspiration for Caroline’s career in The Oysterville Sewing Circle?

Then the magic happened! A bespoke heart maid, made to order.

Watch this space to see the Big Reveal!


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