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Road Trip!

Theres nothing like a road trip, is there? Especially one between girlfriends. The centerpiece of The Goodbye Quilt is a road trip, only instead of a Thelma-and-Louise-style adventure, its something many women can relate toa mother-daughter trip.
It might not be the last trip Linda and Molly will take together, but its the most significant, in the sense that Linda is driving across the country with her beloved only child, to drop Molly off at college.
DSC_0010.JPG[The background of the author photo is a 100-year-old family
heirloom quilt]
Some readers will relate more to Linda, the mom who realizes she had better get a life once her nest is empty. Shes got a great community, husband and friends, but her role as a mom is forever changed. Other readers will relate to Molly, the daughter. At 18, shes facing the classic teenager-in-love dilemma. Does she stay with her hometown boyfriend, or cut her ties and forge ahead on her own?
The physical quilt in the book is like the scrapbook I created for my own daughter as she was leaving home. But its more artistic, for sure. We all have those pieces of clothing or fabric that well never wear again, but were not quite ready to throw away. Its no surprise that Linda, a talented quilter, found a use for the things her daughter left behind.
The ending of the book surprised me. I dont want to spoil it for readers, but it was not the ending I envisioned when I set out to write the book. Id love to hear about readers own journeys of leaving home and letting go.
The novel is my gift to readers. Theres lots more for readers on my web site. Click here for a beautifully letter-pressed and signed book plate. And [youtube] to view a lovely song by Alice Peacock and slide show with images that inspired the book. Safe travels.

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