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Reading Guide Summer at Willow Lake

Summer at Willow Lake

Mira (July 2010)
ISBN-10: 0778329666
ISBN-13: 978-0778329664
Published in 2007
Reading Guide

  1. What are some of the feelings evoked by the phrase “summer camp”?
  2. Have you ever been to camp? If so, what are some of the memories you have of that time? Were there friends? Rivalries? Romances?
  3. Olivia has some unfinished business leftover from her less-than-happy childhood. How do her family and friends help and/or hinder her efforts to come to terms with the things that happened?
  4. Do you think Olivia handled her parents’ divorce in a healthy way? How did it affect her relationships with men as an adult?
  5. As children, Olivia and Connor were from different worlds, yet at camp, they bonded. Why do you suppose they were drawn to one another?
  6. How did Olivia’s body image as a teenager affect her sense of self esteem? What do you suppose caused her to transform herself as a young woman, and how did this affect her career choice?
  7. She’s had two broken engagements. In your opinion, what caused those relationships, and the one with Rand, to fail?
  8. Discuss some of the ways Connor’s childhood shaped that man he is now. Why do you suppose he’s still single?
  9. Olivia discovers something about her father’s past, and it changes the way she sees him. Have you ever thought you knew someone, only to discover something completely surprising?
  10. What do you suppose the future holds for Olivia and Connor?

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