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reading brings us closer

That’s what was confirmed for me during my visit to Argentina for the 42nd Annual International Book Fair. I was a guest of the US Embassies in Buenos Aires and Montevideo, Uruguay. It was love at first sight for me and South America.
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Uruguay has incredible beaches and even better people, wine and food. Tannat, anyone?
Buenos Aires is a feast for all the senses.

(Oh, and it’s fall there. Autumn leaves in May.)
It was extraordinary to sit with women who speak no English and–through a very nimble translator–discover that we are all the same. We love our families, we dream of romance, we’re endlessly curious about the world, and we love to share.
During my presentations for teachers, students and readers, we all had the same questions for each other–how did you get started? Where do ideas come from? What’s the best strategy for a life doing what you love most? How old are you and how much money do you make? 🙂
And what’s up with all this mate? (Mah-tay, a shared social drink of steeped herbs in a hollowed-out gourd).
We’re all alike and we’re all friends because we all agree on the most fundamental principle of all–books matter. Ideas are important. Freedom of expression is everyone’s basic right.
Hasta la vista!
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