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Okay, holiday season. I'm ready. Bring it!

I’m all about keeping it simple this holiday season. As my girlfriend J.F. says, “If it ain’t eating or shopping, I’m not doing it.” According to something I read–I think this was on Unclutterer–you can create a lovely holiday atmosphere in your home without hauling out six generations of Christmas tchotchkes and gee-gaws. Simply put out some fresh greenery (that way you can compost it rather than store it on Boxing Day) and put some Christmas music on the stereo, and that’s all you need. My advice–put up the tree and light a scented candle, too. Once you’ve done that, your house will scream “Christmas” and people will feel good just hanging out with you.
tangled lights displayOne more tip–don’t even try to untangle the light strings. Mine came out of storage all wadded up, so I threw them on the ground and plugged them in and parked a bunch of poinsettias around them. (There’s a rebar sculpture by our front door; that’s what those vertical bars are.) My Inner Martha is extremely lazy. But having fun.
Okay, holiday season. I’m ready. Bring it!

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  1. You should be pleased to hear that the Sno-Isle Library system has 109 holds on 25 copies of the book + 88 holds on 15 copies of the e-book + 38 holds on 10 copies of the audio-book.

    Screw that. I ordered it from Amazon, and it was delivered on the publication date. Yes, I wrote a rave review for people waiting for the book on the library’s web page. I’m beyond disappointed that shizza related to delivery of my IKEA bookcases prevented me from seeing you on tour and getting my copy autographed in purple. I’ve started my review for my blog, and I’m wondering whether you are the person holding the book in the photo taken on the beach.

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