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Indie Bookstore Spotlight: Porter Square Books

Right now more than ever, our independent bookstores need our support. Here is my second independent bookstore spotlight featuring Porter Square Books. 

1. How was your store founded?

Our original founders worked in a different independent bookstore for many years and ended up having to leave for various reasons. Even though they had to leave that store, they weren’t ready to leave independent bookselling yet. So, they founded Porter Square Books.

2. What’s your favorite time of year to read?

I don’t really have a favorite time to year to read. I like reading outside on the porch, but I’m also happy to curl up in a comfy chair inside. I guess I read so much, and often for books that aren’t coming out until the upcoming season, that I don’t really think reading as something that takes place at certain times of the year.

3. What are the unique opportunities that independent bookstores have?

There’s no better place to find a conversation about books or “the conversation about books” than an independent bookstore, whether it’s in person or over social media. And that conversation can be small and specific, about a particular book you might be interested in buying, it can be about the world of books in general or some major issue or controversy in the book world, and everything in between.

4. What’s one thing about your store that you want everyone to know – but maybe they don’t know?

We’re pretty open with our personalities on social media, so I don’t know if there’s a lot hidden from view. I guess if there’s one thing that people might not realize is there a lot of relatively tedious behind the scenes work, lots of checking invoices, counting books, reconciling inventory, that all go into making sure the right book is in the right place, so we can find it for the right reader. Working in a bookstore is as fun and rewarding as it looks, but that fun and reward sits on top of hard work, just like every other industry.

5. What’s your favorite part of working at an independent bookstore?

Definitely, introducing my favorite books and authors to other readers. I’ve really come to see stewardship as a vital part of my job, helping the books and authors that I think are important to find their way to the right readers.

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