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Indie Bookstore Spotlight- Blue Willow Bookshop

This month, I have the pleasure of featuring a wonderful bookshop located in Houston, TX, Blue Willow Bookshop! This is one of those bookshops where you visit and feel drawn in from their large windows and display of books. If you are a book lover there is nothing better than a bookshop like this!

I interviewed Cathy from the bookshop and wanted to share some of her answers with you so that you can get a behind the scenes look at what it’s like to run a bookshop.

What’s your favorite time of year to read?
I love to read year round. But I love sitting outside to read so the summer in Houston does not lend itself to that in the evening. I do love sitting outside to read in the morning when the birds are waking up.

How was your store founded?
The previous owner, Musabelle Naut, opened Musabelle’s Books in 1973. I bought the shop from her in 1996 and renamed it Blue Willow Bookshop. And don’t ask me why! No real reason other than I liked to read and I wasn’t really good at PTA.

What’s one thing about your store that you want everyone to know – but maybe they don’t know?
My favorite part is that our team loves each other. We really work hard to celebrate life’s joys and share in sorrow as well.  When you walk in, there is life there!!

What’s your favorite part of working at an independent bookstore?
I love talking to people of all ages about books.  Just today, a young boy was thrilled to find the next book in a favorite author’s series. We bonded over that. I also love when someone tells me that a book I recommended opened their eyes to a different culture or a different lifestyle.

Has anyone ever done anything non-bookish in your store, like get engaged or celebrate a birthday?
No engagements but definitely a few birthdays. We almost had a wedding reception! Magical things happen here every day. Most are very small but their memories are what make this place “our corner of paradise.”

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