humor in books

Deborah Bouziden and I have been talking all month! She asks the best questions:
DB: You have such a unique sense of humor and that comes through in your books. It’s a sense of humor that happens in life. Is it written into your books consciously? How difficult is it to get just right? Your characters face difficult times, yet there are still times when they can laugh at themselves? Do you think it’s important for a certain amount of humor to be in all books? Why or why not?
SW: I’m so happy that you asked this question! Many readers tell me my books make them cry–which is fair. Emotional things happen in my books and they wring a tear from me, too. But good fiction, like real life, is multifaceted. We get to have laughter and tears.
The humor in my books is organic, meaning I don’t set up funny situations or laugh lines. They seem to grow out of whatever the characters seem to be doing. Even if a character is grief-stricken, her spirit can shine through. In Fireside (Feb. 2009), there’s a very funny scene with the hero getting a makeover. On the surface, it’s hilarious, showing him getting shined and polished for a photo shoot, but under that is a layer of seriousness and even pain. He has to change his life to fit his new circumstances.
In real life, I laugh a lot and people tell me I say funny things,