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How many books are in the Lakeshore Chronicles?

One of the questions I get most frequently is “How many books are in the Lakeshore Chronicles series? In what order should I read them?”

Today’s plan: Stay inside where it’s warm and curl up with a good book.

You can read the books in any order because each book is a complete novel unto itself, but if you want to go chronologically (and if you’re a fan of the Daisy Bellamy storyline, I recommend this), it’s

1. Summer at Willow Lake
       (a) “Homecoming Season” (a novella in the anthology MORE THAN WORDS: STORIES OF COURAGE)
2. The Winter Lodge
3. Dockside
4. Snowfall at Willow Lake
5. Fireside 
6. Lakeshore Christmas
7. The Summer Hideaway 
8. Marrying Daisy Bellamy 
9. Return to Willow Lake
10. Candlelight Christmas
11. Starlight on Willow Lake

How many Lakeshore books will there be? Well, here’s a hint:
Wheelchairs on Willow Lake cartoon
(This glimpse into the future comes to you courtesy of the multitalented Suzanne Selfors.)

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100 Responses

    1. I found the Lakeshore Chronicles completely by accident while shopping at my place of employment. I saw the picture of the book, The Winter Lodge and started reading it last year. I read the first 18 chapters and fell in love with it and like most times, I got distracted and didn’t pick it back up till about a week and a half ago. I fell back in love with it and then realized its part of a series which got me really exited.I just ordered Summer at Willow Lake on Amazon and put the others on my wishlist, and bought Candlelight Christmas when I saw it on the bookshelf at my workplace. I have never loved a book as much as I love this one and I can’t wait to read the others. It makes me feel like I know these characters in real life and I love the sense of home and heartwarming atmosphere each character has. I look forward to reading the rest and I hope you write more. You are a brilliant writer Susan, and I have to say you have inspired me in more ways than one. God Bless you and I can’t wait to read more of this brilliantly done series. 🙂

  1. Yay! Lakeshore books forever!
    I love it. I’m a stickler for reading in order. I actually made sure I read the anthology in order before I read the next one even though it can completely stand alone.

  2. Susan, all your books are awesome I really enjoy reading them and I’m so glad to be a member of your web-site…keep up the good writing!! I never get tired of reading the Lakeside books…keep them coming too!

  3. I Just finished Snowfall on Willow Lake. It was awesome!!!!!! I know the next book in the Lakeshore Series working title is Fireside. Will the book be out in early 2009? (Please!!!) Will the story have Daisy and Julian, figuring out that they belong together, with Charlie. Will we find out what is wrong with Sonnet? Keep the books coming!!! Thank you for the many hours of enjoyment! Just Breathe sound like the day it comes out I will be getting it, and reading it in one setting! Thanks again! Maggie

  4. I’ve not picked up a book in over 18 years. Been busy with work and kids. I got Summer at Willow Lake while on vacation and I came home looking for the other 4. I can not put them down. I just wanted to say thank you!

  5. WOW!! I have read 3 of the Lakeshore Chronicles, and am off to get the rest!! I am so pleased to have found you! I have to say, I have been a Nora Roberts reader for years, and you are ranked right beside her. Your stories are so real, and enthralling. You have the gift, and I am thankful to have found your work. I SO look forward to all I have yet to discover of your imagination…write on!! ~ Thank You ~

  6. At Christmas time I got a note from a friend that she had just received the latest of the Lakeshore Chronicle books and how anxious she was to read it. When I told her I never heard of you, she was shocked as well she should be. Later I found out MOST of my friends love your books. Since 1984 I have worked, and now recently retired and finding myself looking for projects. I guess I forgot how much I loved to read. I recently purchased Summer at Willow Lake, The Winter Lodge, Dockside and Snowfall at Willow Lake, and plan to get the next in the series. After reading part of the 1st book I am “hooked”. I am looking forward to reading this series and reading your newsletters. You have graced my life with a new endevor. It will fill the time between my projects of creating items of Stained Glass. 🙂

  7. I love these books Susan wiggs writtes feel good books and I love nothing more then to curl up on the couch with one of her books. When I read something from the lakeshore series I really feel like I am part of Daisy’s world these charectors feel like real people and I love them .can’t wait for book 6.

  8. I raised my family, went back to school and became a teacher. I’ve been so busy being an educator that I forgot to take time for myself. I had forgotten that I enjoy reading. As I’ve tried to encourage my students to read, I too started reading again and have absolutely become a fan of the Lakeshore Chronicles. Susan Wiggs truly paints pictures with words!

  9. I love, love, love your books! Discovered the first one by accident and then I went on a mission to find all your books and your pseudonyms, too. I was really excited when I found the Lakeshore Series. Please keep writing about all these wonderful characters. It is so frustrating to find a treasure like your series and then come to the end of the series. We need more Lakeshore and any other series you can come up with. Come out to the East Coast; I would love to meet you. Thanks for filling up many empty hours and — Kudos to you!

  10. I absolutely love your books. Regarding The Lakeshore Chronicles, Fireside is the best yet. And they are so full of knowledge. The Peace Palace, I had no idea there was any such thing. Because of your books, I have learned an important part of history that we all should know.
    Please keep the Chronicles going. Educational and entertaining.
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!

  11. I love, love, love the Lakeshore Chronicles but I disagree that you can start anywhere. I started with Snowfall at Willow Lake, but then went to the Summer at Willow Lake which filled in some blanks. Cannot wait for the next one to clear up some questions left unanswered in Fireside. I can’t wait to find out about Daisy and Julian.

  12. I agree, Darlene, especially now. Initially this was going to be a trilogy but it kind of got away from me. Since the stories are told in “real time,” people age and have babies and so forth — so you get a better sense of the big picture, reading in order.
    I always have to assume that someone is picking up a random book for the first time, and I hope it’s entertaining enough on its own. But you’re right, having the perspective of the preceding books adds texture.
    Working on #7 today! THE SUMMER HIDEAWAY.

  13. I just finished “Fireside” and have read the others in the “Lakeshore Chronicles” series. I could not put the book down – looking forward to more….. I too want to read more about Daisy and Julian. Keep them coming! 🙂

  14. I read every one of the Lakeside chronicles, and several other of your books that come in a series, while I love each & every one, sometimes it bugs me that on the cover it doesn’t tell you that the book is part of a series or what number series it is. When I read the Calhoun chronicles, it was just a stroke of luck that I read ‘The Charm School’ first, then reading the authors note at the end I realized there would be more to follow. Now every time I buy a book of yours somewhere, I always have to look on your site first to see if it is in a series & which number book in that series it is, I think there should be a reference page in the books that tell you, or simply have it printed on the cover. Other than that, everything about your books are perfect!!

  15. I agree with Stacie, I am new to reading Susan’s books and love them 🙂 but when I first discovered her, it took some time to find out which books went in what order (true they are books in themselves, but they do make more sense when reading in order of publication)….. It would be nice to have this info on a reference page in the book…. I have numbered the book covers myself now to keep them in order 🙂
    Have a great day 🙂 Marilyn
    [] ____
    ¸…¸ __/ /____
    ,·´oº o`· , /__/ _/_ //____/
    “`)¨(´´´ | | | | | | ||| || | ±±± | |
    ¸,.-·²°´,.-·~·~·-.,¸ `°²·-. ¸,.-·~·~·-.,¸ :º°¸,.-·²°
    Home is where your heart is….

  16. I’ve read all the Lakeshore series books and am anxiously awaiting the Christmas one to be released in Oct 09! I can’t wait to hear how Daisy’s life turns out too….she’s a real STRONG woman! Thanks SUSAN for this series and fabulous books!

  17. I too love reading Susan’s books. The Lakeshore Chronicles has me really hooked and I watch for new books to the series with great anticipation. I too am a Daisy fan. About six weeks before each new book arrives in my bookstore, I re-read all of the series and get reminded of the characters and all their stories. When the new book arrives, I am primed and ready to read! Only disappointment is closing the book when I’ve read the last line. I hate to say good-bye.

  18. I have to say that I just found your books and have thouroughly enjoyed them. I picked up one randomly (Dockside) and was hooked. It has certainly helped me fill in the time during my hubby’s deployment. I am now onto Fireside after reading the others in order to catch up. Thanks for making deployments bearable…

  19. I have just recently found your books and the Lakeshore Chronicles are my favorites. I, too, am hooked on them and I’m certainly looking forward to the next one. I’m like most of the people on this blog who was a mother first, plus working full time and catering on the side. I’m not retired yet but close. My kids are grown now so I have more time to read and Susan Wiggs books are my favorites, as I stated above. Keep up the good work Susan.

  20. ohhh the Daisy/Julian book comes out on 2011!!!! oh, Susan you’re a tease!! hehe…..i hope they end up together *hint hint* 😀

  21. Susan, in The Lakeshore Chronicles there is no such thing as tentative. I vote yes for Daisy+Logan+Julian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I love your books! I started with Lakeshore, then I bought aii of your other books. I’m reading the Lakeshore books again and they make me feel as if I know these people in real life. I hope you enjoy writing your books as much as I enjoy reading them. God bless you.

  23. Just finished reading Lakeshore Christmas. Great book and what a tease for Daisy’s story! 2011!!! I really don’t think I can wait that long to hear her story. Any chance of having it published sooner? BTW, love all your books, but I am particularly enjoying the Lakeshore Chronicles. Definitely keepers in my collection.

  24. Wonderful comic! I really enjoyed Lakeshore Christmas and am going to try the chocolate crinkles recipe first. I wish your characters actually lived in my town.

  25. I am like the other readers. I found one of your books (Lake side series) at Good Will. I grew up in NY so when I read that it is based in upstae NY I bouhgt it just fo fun. I too didn’t realize it was a series and have read them out of order but as you said they are a stoy within them selves. It’s just nice to know who the other charictors are. Howver I just finished rreading The Ocean between Us and I think that although this is not any in a series (that I know of) is the best book yet. Shelia may be interested in reading this book as she may be able to feel a kinship with Gracie. You books are just great. Thanks for all the hard work you do to make these books so heart warming.

    1. Am I missing something? When I go to to buy more of the Wiggs collection, I type in The Ocean Between Us and it doesnt show. Is this an psuedonym or a different author?

      1. Borders is having an insane sale today so I hope you find something you like! THE OCEAN BETWEEN US is probably considered out of print and unavailable. It will be republished in a special edition next May, with special features and great new art work. Thanks for asking!

      2. I know! I am doing the buy 1 get 60% off the 2nd. and I thought it would be a great opportunity to purchase more in The Fireside Collection. When I googled the order this website popped up. I enjoyed reading all the comments and seeing which books were more favorites. 🙂 Seems they all are!
        Yes, The Ocean Between Us, is not coming up in the available choices. I will happily wait for the reprint, and add it to my desired to read list. Enjoy the holidays!

  26. I have just read The Winter Lodge followed by (though out of order) Summer at Willow Lake. I thoroughly enjoyed them especially because you set the series in New York’s Hudson Valley. I look forward to reading the rest of the series in order! I know you live in the Pacific Northwest, (I was born in Oregon) so I was wondering how you became acquainted with Kingston, New Paltz, and Mohonk (and other places in the region). It is a beautiful area and living here just 20 min. from New Paltz gives the stories more meaning. 🙂 Thanks for a fantastic series!

  27. Boy, am I ever addicted. I must say you are too popular as none of your books are available at my local thrift store. Thats when you know an author is a great one. The books are too good to give away. I did find the Ocean Between Us, at my local Borders and grabbed it. I must admit that I enjoyed it but I am not sure it is my favorite. I am still thinking that Just Breathe is remarkable. But, I am enjoying your collection. I see that Luanne Rice has been quoted on several of your novels, and she too is one of my favs. I adore her complex relationship novels. Happy New Year!

  28. Love all the Lakeside Chronicles’ books. Couldn’t wait for this years Christmas book and unfortuantely I read it in a day! Started to reread them all and as I was rereading Dockside I caught that Sarah Moon/Jake Daly had stayed at the inn. That of course made me want to reread Just Breathe. I really like the way you entwine everybody and yet everybody has there own story. I’m hoping that after the long awaited Daisy/Julian story (notice I left out Logan, hint hint!) there will be one for Sonnet. Zach maybe?

  29. I LOVE the Lakeshore Chronicles books….absolutely love them. I have gotten so many of my family and friends addicted to them as well. I first became a Susan Wiggs reader and lover of her books when I read The Ocean Between Us….what an awesome book!! Then I started the Lakeshore series…..I just can’t say enough about them!!! I can’t put the book down when I start reading it and then I am sad when it is over!! I just finished the Christmas book and absolutely can NOT believe that I have to wait until 2011 to find out about Daisy!! But I aslo can’t wait to read the one that comes out in March!!!
    Thanks for adding some extra sunshine to my world through your books. As a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, teacher (who works 2 jobs) it’s hard to find time to do things that I enjoy….so when I do….I always pick up one of your books!!
    Can’t wait to find out about Daisy!!!!

  30. Susan – My mother recently sent me the entire Lakeshore Chronicles (minus the novella and Lakeshore Christmas – neither of which we knew existed) series and I have been enthralled. I had a recent medical trip to Germany (such is the life of the military wife!) and managed to read through the first three books while preparing for and recovering from surgery. (I was lying in a bed in Landstuhl RMC when I read that that is where Jenny Majesky’s “fiance” Joey had been sent!) Then I found myself angry that I hadn’t packed the other two for the remainder of recovery and the flight home! I am completely in love with these characters! I have for years waited impatiently for every September for my newest visit to Cedar Cove from Debbie Macomber and now I will be waiting impatiently for every new trip to Willow Lake from you. And if you get to 89 books in the series, you can guarantee that I will definitely have all 89! Thank you for inspiring characters and the chance to stop and enjoy someone else’s life once in a while!
    Now, off to Amazon to order Lakeshore Christmas and that novella!

  31. Susan: I wanted to know is the Daisy+Logan+Julian still coming out next year? If yes, will it be out in Spring or Fall? Can you tell i am eagerly awaiting it!! 😀 Thanks!!

  32. I am a new fan, I love your books! I am starting my second book of Lakeshore. Is there more about lolly and connor? Are you going to do a series with Just Breathe? Have a great week!

  33. Just wanted to thank you for your great books. I just finished with the Lakeshore Chronicles to date (out of order of course!). I was so sad to finish Summer at Willow Lake today. I think Olivia and Connor are my favorite characters! Although I really like Bo since he is a baseball player! Looking forward to starting the Summer Hideaway tonight. Looking forward to many more! Also LOVED the Tudor Rose series! Thank you!

  34. I will surely not make it until 2011 to read the next book in the series. I am intrigued by Daisy and can’t wait. I am going to find the Christmas book and novella which I didn’t read to try to fill the void.

  35. Just finished reading Summer Hideaway- loved it!, as usual. I’ve read all your contemporary romances except Lakeshore Christmas. Somehow I missed that one.
    I had just started reading SH yesterday after I returned from the post office having mailed my care package to my Any Soldier contact in Afghanistan. How strange is that! I couldn’t believe the Prologue. It was riveting and upsetting to me, graphically portraying what our brave men and women are experiencing over there right now.
    I hope the mention of Any Soldier in your book generates enough curiosity for people to look up the organization and perhaps get involved. I do think it makes a difference in many soldiers’ lives. Thank you for mentioning it and thanks again for another wonderful book.

  36. I LOVE the Lakeshore Chronicles! I was wondering when Daisy would get a book to herself since she’s always such a big part of every other story. I first found your books when I read “Just Breathe”, which I just loved. Now my mom & I swap books. I really love how the characters in each book intertwine – it really helps you feel connected to each character and the storyline.

  37. i think i have read all of you bks and i’m looking foward to reading about daisy and logan and jules but i don’t know if i ever read novela i will look it up now
    i got my daughter reading them also and she loves them also.
    i pass everybook to my friends.
    i am now going to read the new one
    thank you for the bks it’s much better than tv.

  38. So far I have read 30 Susan Wiggs books. I enjoyed every one of them. But without a doubt the Lakeshore Chronicles are my favorite. I hope she keeps on writing because of all the authors i’ve read Susan Wiggs is my favorite.

  39. I have read five of your books! Enjoyed every one! The Lakeshore series
    are my favorite. Although, like many, I got them out-of-order.
    Please continue this series for many more books!

  40. I am kind of a writer, too, and the most amazing characteristic of your dia- logue is that you nail down exactly how, for example, Connor, feels about his being not good enough, etc. and express it just how a person feeling this, a man, would. In the next paragraph or page, we find Olivia in her own little world of frustration and ‘three strikes you’re out’ and–bingo, you somehow find just the right words and phrases to help her express herself, from a woman’s point of view. That is very hard to do, and your success at this, and your luscious descriptions, besides richly woven plots are all what make me such a fan. Not to mention those delightful characters! Keep on keeping on with yummy stories for us to read.

    1. I just finished reading The Summer Hideaway, it is a great book and hoping the next book tells how Ross and Clarie end up. This was a book I could not put down. I love reading Susan Wiggs books they are really good.

  41. I really love the Willow Lake books. I can hardly wait for the new one. Oh please let them be a Happy Family in your next book. I know I really get into them. That is a sign of a great writer !

  42. i was wanting something to read because i had read all the books from my favorite authors mostly mysteries. i asked the librarian if she could recommend something. she asked if i like love or romance stories i said if they are not to gushy i liked danielle steel i told here i like them if they have a plot to them also so she recommended susan wiggs to me told me she had a series out called the lakeshore chronciles and to read them in order so she wrote them done in order for me to read they became the best romance books with a plot the i ended up loving at this point is that i have read all of them but 6 & 7 plus the novella one which by the end of nov i will have read all of them and really enjoyed reading them i read first 3 in sept and the next 2 in the first 2 weeks of oct iread the first one over the weekend after i borrowed it from the library looking forward to reading lakeshore xmas and the summer hideaway and the novella thanks so much for the reading

  43. I love all your stories, I try when I find and author I love , to read the books in order–I started when I worked in a library at school–I am retired and I read instead of watching too much tv–your stories take me to another place and time, I feel like I am there and I know these people..can’t wait for the next one to be in my hands to read.

  44. When I find an author I like, I try to read all the books in order. I feel like I know the people and the places and the things they go through–life is like this–then I give these to others in my family to read–I feel like these need to be shared. I started reading your stories when I worked in a school library–my first taste–and I look forward to the next book..Just read Marrying Daisy Bellamy–can’t wait till March to read The Goodbye Quilt.

  45. Hi Susan, I simply wanted to say “Thanks” for bringing romance, suspence and humor back to me! I have missed them! I discovered your LakeShore books in my local Library. I was looking for an author that offered something new and your books have filled that request to a “T”. I have found that a lot of romance stories revolve around the sex and to me that is not romance (even though it makes GOOD page fillers! LOL) I am having trouble finding the last 4, the novella and the Christmas one, my library doesn’t have them, but they are doing a regional search for me. They only have about 10 of your books! I happen to be very lucky to have a job that allows me to read and I read about 3 to 4 books a week, my librarian knows me by name! Thanks again Susan for bringing the joy back into reading for me! I pray that God continue to bless you in all your endeavors!

  46. Hi Susan,
    Just wanted to thank you for writing the Lakeshore Chronicles series. I have recently been hospitalised for a few weeks following major surgery and a friend bought me these books. I loved them as they were so easy to read but problem was I got through them too quick.
    Any new books in this series coming up?

  47. Dear Susan, At Christmas time I went to the library and they had seasonal books displayed on a table. I checked out Lakeshore Christmas, the first book of yours I have read. I was immediately hooked and went back and checked out the whole Lakeshore collection. Tonight I start Summer Hideaway. Wasn’t sure if this was the last book or not so I decided to check out your blog. Was thrilled to see you have written Daisy’s story and can not wait to go get it. From your cartoon I hope there are many more to come in this series. I have enjoyed these books more than any I have read in a long time and just wanted to say thank you!

    1. Summer hideaway is book #7 in the Series. Have you had the pleasure of reading 1-6? The order is as follows: Summer at Willow Lake
      The Winter Lodge
      Snowfall at Willow Lake
      Lakeshore Christmas
      The Smmer Hideaway
      Marrying Daisy Bellamy
      Return to Willow Lake
      Candlelight Christmas
      Starlight on Willow Lake
      I am on Books 4-6 and absolutely love them. To date I believe there are 11 books total in the series. Happy. Reading!

  48. HI Susan,
    I love ur books , been reading Lakeshore Chronicles on my Ereader but now cant find the rest of ur books to download. but just wanted to say ur a great writer and ur books are awesome to come home to after a stressful day at work.
    Patty Kennedy

  49. Susan,,
    What happens to Sonnet and what trouble is she in? Walter Reed Army Med Center recently integrated with Navy Medical in Bethesda, MD , Many of us still refer to the 2 integrated Medical Centers as ‘Navy’ out of habit. Looks like you have a military background. I started reading fiction a few months ago. I test drove your book, beginning with and am halfway thru the Lakeshore chronicles. I love reading your books. Now, I prefer your books to Danielle Steel. Belva Plain, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Barbara Delinsky, you, Nora Roberts, Robyn Carr, Sherryl Woods top the list of my favorite writers…

  50. I am new to your books and am loving the Lakeshore series. Like others, I prefer to read them in sequence. I just finished “Winter Lodge” and am now reading “Dockside”. I am a little confused though as the part where Nina finds out she is pregnant seem to be different in each story (or did I miss something?). Maybe the difference is that Jenny is the main character in WL and Nina in Dockside. Can’t wait to read the rest of the series.

  51. i got summer at willow lake for free on kindle and started reading it and then i thought it was deleted so then i bought the book, just finished it yesterday and bought the rest of the lakeshore chronicle books yesterday as well. i can’t wait to read them all!!!
    if you haven’t already, i’d love to see the future of connor and lolly!

    1. I too am re-buying and re-reading all the Lakeshore Chronicles for my Kindle. I then put them in my Super Keepers Collection.

  52. Dear Susan I have read the first five books and can not find Lakeshore Christmas anywhere! I did find the last two. Will not read those until I have read Lakeshore Christmas! Where can I find Lakeshore Christmas. I do not do credit cards anymore so need to find a physical store to buy in. Probably could order it at Barnes and Nobles. (One of those follow through problems!) Really do love reading your books about Willow Lake . . . for that matter all your other books too. They are almost like eating candy! Almost.

    1. I got all mine at Even without a credit card as such, you could get a PRE-PAID card for a small amount to cover the cost of the books you want. I have friends that do all their On Line shopping this way. Good luck!

  53. I have every single one of these books. When I find out there is going to be more the suspense is horrible but the end result is fantastic. 🙂 I am missing some of your way earlier books but pretty much have every book you have written. Thanks for many hours taking me away to beautiful and amazing places. Always love your characters.

  54. I have read all 10 Lakeshore books. Truly enjoyed all of them. Please keep up the series – I need to what is happening to my friends

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  56. Im a teenager and I really like ur books on the lakeshore chronicles and so far winter lodge is one of my favorites (I haven’t been reading them in order) I really loved the way jenny Majesky and Rourke McKnight feel about each other and how at the end they confessed their feelings for each other I literally almost cried,but in a good way anyway I was jus wondering if maybe possibly that you could write another book about them two and say how they are doin? I would really love to hear more about jenny Majesky and Rourke McKnight please and thanks :):)

  57. I picked up Book 2 in the break room at work. Well, I ended up bringing it home with me because I wanted to finish it. I didn’t realize it was part of a series. I then went online and did a little research and purchased 1,3 and 4. I just finished Dockside and can’t wait to start on the next. I’m on your site now to see what to order next. By the way, I loved how the character of Just Breathe has a little print in Dockside. (think I’m going to leave a little note in my book for the next person so they know that this character has their own book) I read Just Breathe a few years ago and I thought, I know this person 🙂 And I love that. That is why I love book series, you feel like you know the characters.

    1. Marina, thanks so much for this comment. Book 10 was just published yesterday. People offer up no end of stories, don’t they. I like the sound of your break room. Back when I was a teacher, the faculty kept a rotating lending library and I found many favorites there.

  58. I am not sure how many there are, however I have read them all, in fact I think I have read all of Susan’s books. I am undergoing chemo again this week and have no Susan Wiggs Books to read, sad to be me. I am very blessed as the chemo has not made me sick yet. My hair is gone, but that is minor as there are beautiful wigs and God has been with me every step of the way. I also have a wonderful family and friends. I really like to read and am impatiently waiting for another book. Thanks!

    1. Hi Wilma,
      Wow, you sound like such an amazing, strong, beautiful person! Can you please email me your details at [email protected], so I can send you a few of my books. I truely hope they can help you escape into the pages and busy the mind with beautiful thoughts while you are going through chemo.
      Warm Regards,

      1. Hi Susan,
        How kind of you to reply as I know you are very busy. I first found your books when you had a book with Debbie Macomber. I have read all of hers too.
        I was diagnosed with Neo Endocrine Carcinoma which has entered my lungs and liver. They can not operate however the chemo should help. I am going through the second series this week. I have not had any nausea , however my hair is gone, thank goodness for the great wigs.
        I feel great as I see so many young people with cancer and my heart goes out to them.
        God is with me as well as a wonderful family and church friends as well as my doll group ( doll rescue group) that meets for a potluck at my house every month. We all are readers and share books and discuss what we like.
        I sell dolls on Ebay and keep the ones I really like.
        I am in my late 60’s and try to keep busy and am very blessed.
        Thank you Susan!

  59. Love your books. Lakeside series are my favorite. Your writing makes me still believe in happiness. Keep on bringing joy to us your readers. Linda

  60. I love the lakeshore chronicles series.I came across the series by accident i have dockside and the winter lodge .Can’t to get all the books. I love the author.

  61. so…I was just looking on your website to see if I had all the books in the lakeshore series (annoyingly read them out of order) and happened to see the map of Avalon….how is the Inn at Willow lake not on the lake? pretty sure the book describes it as on the lake (when nina is in the kayak she wants to paddle to see it) and nina lived in the inn’s boathouse which seemed to be just across the lawn….

  62. Dear Ms. Wiggs
    My mother dead last night With a Willow Lake book in her hand. She love your books and it made the last year for her better.For her to say you are a great writer mean a lot. She would not go to bed till she got done. She want you to know how great the books are. She ask me to write you and thank you for all your good work. She was only 45 this year.
    May God Keep You.
    Rev. Ricky A.Thomas Jr.
    P.S. Have not seed any of your books. I am going to read it when I can, thank you for making my mother happy this last year.

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    After reading Starlight, we are both trying to figure how this set of Bellamys fit into the family tree and how old these people are. When we first meet Logan and Daisy, they are teenagers, but now Mason is meeting Logan at the bar? Has 20 years gone by?
    One day on your site or Goodreads or whereever, would you PLEASE post a Bellamy family tree and approximate birth years of these people so we can keep the characters straight from year to year?

  64. Here in Brazil we still don’t have “marrying Daisy Bellamy” in portuguese! It’s a shame! And we also have very little of your books. Only “table for five”, “just breathe” and another one I don’t know the title in english “de passagem por paraíso”.
    Pleeeeaaaaasssseeee remember your brazillians fans waiting eagerly for your translations. We love you LOTS!

  65. Hello Susan, I AM a BRAND new reader to your books, someone gave me, while sick Starlight on Willow Lake, SO MOVING, CARING, LOVING AND things unexpected and words I did a lot laughing, had pneumonia and have had shingles 8 times, so have become more of a reader at 74 t h a n ever before. I will be going to our Chapters to go looking for the rest of the Lakeshore Chronicles. I am hooked. love Debbie McComber have books (fell series) and I correspond with her also. but I must say I surely enjoyed this book, was on line could not find what I wanted The Apple Orchard preview looks good.
    thank you for such a moving true to life story Beverley Wentzell Halifax Nova Scotia and my emailing is [email protected]

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