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Horse of a different color

The Horsemaster's Daughter 2008 reissueI can’t watch the footage of the horse race. You know which one I mean. No wonder I prefer to stick with fiction. It’s so much more manageable than reality. The Horsemaster’s Daughter is just hitting the stores now. There are chills and thrills in this novel, but I promise, no horses were harmed in its creation.
I love the new cover art. It’s nicer “in person” than online. There’s a muted quality to the illustration and a nice antique-y matte finish. There’s a pale cast to Eliza’s skin which brings to mind all those vampire covers that are so wildly popular these days–not that this is a vampire book. I’m not normally a fan of green in cover art, particularly green foil lettering, but this is eyecatching and beautiful. It’s a good fit thematically, too, since the book is about redemption and renewal.
The one bit I’m not so fond of is the shoutline at the top of the back cover copy: “An unbroken horse, a broken man, an estate that needed her.” What a strange and awkward phrase. I hope people will read right past that. (For the record, the author almost never writes the cover copy.) With the exception of the shoutline, the book’s description is spot-on. Reading over it reminds me of how much passion and tenderness I had for the characters, back when I was writing this book.
By far, my favorite feature of this new edition is the inclusion of a coupon good for $2 off Just Breathe, my upcoming book. Clip it out! Make note of the very limited time offer–it has to be used between August 26 and September 2.

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  1. I love this book. It was my first Susan Wiggs book. Pretty new cover! It’s nice that they’re rereleasing so many though I think I’m close to owning all of the backlist if I don’t already.

  2. I too own most of Susan’s books, all except the children’s book. My first was The Lily and the Leopard. Back then, historical romance novels were going away from the traditional cover of the girl with the low cut dress and a dreamy guy with her. Sometimes the picture was inside the cover. I’ve noticed that today, particularly Susan’s re-releases, have gone back to the character on the cover, only more tastefully pictured. How do you feel about the changes Susan?

  3. I loved this book! Seeing the new cover for the reissue takes me back to the island! I too can’t watch or even listen to the details of the horse race tragedy. I almost didn’t read this book for fear a horse would be hurt! I am so glad I got past that and really enjoyed reading it!

  4. Susan Wiggs is one of my favorite authors. I pretty much don’t pick apart the cover art UNLESS the art does not depict what is written inside. The Horsemaster’s Daughter is about a chestnut horse!! Don’t remember even a mention about a white horse. Finn is said to have a coat of polished mahogany. The story was mostly about Eliza taming this wild stallion so why they would put a different horse on the cover is annoying! Just sayin’….
    Thanks for letting me vent!! 🙂

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