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Hooray for Little Sun!

I’ve bought lots of these in the past year. It just makes so much sense. Please enjoy the photos from Olaf. And get your own Little Sun at
From: olafur <olafur>
Date: Tue, Feb 4, 2014 at 4:53 AM
Subject: From Olafur
Hello friends,
2013 marked the first full year of Little Sun, and in this letter, I’ve put together some great pictures that give you a window into the ways Little Sun has touched the world.
Every week, I spend a little time pushing Little Sun, but the project’s success has most to do with the incredible efforts and spirit of the Little Sun team, shining together on the top floor of my studio in Berlin. And of course, because you have given so much to help Little Sun get its start, the pictures in this newsletter are as much a testimony of your success as it is of ours. Thank you for pushing this with me.
I hope that Little Sun will inspire your confidence in the way creative thinking can touch the world, and I ask you once again to please pass on this newsletter to anyone you think it will resonate with. I depend on you.
Little Sun’s success lies in our collective energy. The sun belongs to all of us.
Let’s Little Sun.
Holding hands with the sun.pdf

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