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totally grumpy
totally grumpy

Today’s post is in honor of my wonderful DAD! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! If you click the “favorites” button I set up for you, maybe you even found my blog! Love you!
On to the post…Bad guys come in all shapes and sizes–but on TV, not so much. Not on the shows I watch (or used to watch…my faves always get canceled.  On TV, there’s a preponderence of old scary white guys, have you ever noticed that? There’s the old-scary-white-guy on Prison Break , the old-scary-white-guy on Heroes and Penny’s father Charles on Lost. And Donald Sutherland on the late, great Dirty Sexy Money. It’s not just canceled shows. The new ones feature–wait for it–old scary white guys too, like on NBC’s “Kings.”

Even when you think you’ve spotted the bad guy, you’re probably wrong unless you found the old, white scary guy. 

When I needed a villain for The Summer Hideaway, I defiantly made her a woman named Polly. So there. 🙂

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