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Doing your shopping for you

You knew there were several reasons you shouldn’t get your mom exotic cut flowers for Mother’s Day. (Or if you must, please buy locally, and get organically-grown flowers.)
Here are a few items any mother would love:

  1. A Bugzooka. She’ll never have to wipe a smeared dead bug from the window again, and she’ll feel like a humanitarian for setting them free outdoors.
  2. A nose egg separator. If you’re going to cook something, you might as well be entertained while doing it.
  3. A hostess apron so pretty that people won’t even expect you to cook.
  4. Or a Kashwere robe to sit around in all day and read novels.
  5. Three quick book recommendations: I Feel Bad About My Neck by Nora Ephron, Meeting God in Quiet Places by F. LaGarde Smith or Leave Me Alone, I’m Reading by Maureen Corrigan.

And let’s be honest. The most treasured gift of all is time spent together, right? That’s what my mom’s getting this year. After the CRW conference, I’m heading down to have dinner with my parents and spend a few days in their company. What’s better than that?

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  1. A Happy Mothers Day to all.
    Susan, you’re right, the time spent together between
    a mother and daughter is very precious and treasured
    gift. Cheerish and enjoy the time you all have together.

  2. Terri, thank you. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision to head down to see my folks after the Denver conference. Several of my close friends have lost parents lately, which is a really morbid thing to think about, but we are at that age. I didn’t even think twice–just re-booked my tickets. People travel all the time for work. We should do the same for family. Plus my parents are really fun to hang out with!

  3. I think that’s wonderful, Susan.
    I miss my mom a lot and wish I could spend more time with her.
    Life just seems to ….. zoom, zoom, zoom on by and often when I lift my head I’m amazed that another year (or more) has gone by.
    It’s so good to stop and reprioritize what really matters.
    Have a good mothers day yourself 🙂

  4. So wish I could see my mom this Mom’s Day but she lives too far away. I give her a gift card for her favorite garden center because she loves to putter. This evening I took my kid shopping for my gifts. I turn away while they seriously line up their treasures and fish out the coins they’ve saved from their allowances. 🙂

  5. Your gift suggestions have images of mom in various roles she plays in our lives; I think that’s beautiful. A gift after all is a kind thought about a person put into action. I can see my mom sitting on her bed, knitting yet another scarf while she pores over the latest nursing journal. I think I”m gonna get her all the yarn colors she doesn’t have yet! Another gift suggestion – you could also give your mom the gift of a 500 dollar shopping spree. Tell your mom about it! Shear Genius, a reality TV show in Bravo is having a contest. Enter at and get the chance to win the shopping spree, 2 nights with your mom (or any person of your choice) in a chic New York hotel and an ultimate beauty makeover. I know this because I work with Shear Genius. Just giving you the inside scoop! Happy Mother’s day to you and your mom!

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