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do something nice for mother earth

I’m a big fan of Catalog Choice. It lets you opt out of the catalogs that go straight to the recycle bin. Please check it out!

Chip In for Earth Day
April 2010

Hello from Catalog Choice!

Hi Susan Wiggs,

Earth Day is turning 40! Celebrate the anniversary by supporting Catalog Choice, your everyday tool for stopping waste. Your contribution will reduce waste at the source and keep trees in the forest where they belong.
Each time you use Catalog Choice to eliminate unwanted mail, we are behind the scenes making it work. We use technology and people power to process over 17 million opt-outs to 1,300 companies. We do our best to be cost-effective, but it is not free.
In celebration of Earth Day, please consider a tax-deductible gift to help fund our work. Can you chip in $10 today?
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Thanks for your support,
The Catalog Choice Team
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Standing Up for Consumer Choice

Since there are no laws governing unsolicited mail, we work to convince companies that honoring requests is the right thing to do. We know it is not perfect. If you are still receiving unwanted mail, learn about the reasons why and what we can do to help here.

Keeping Your Email Private

We create a unique email address for each opt-out you enter so your personal email address stays private. Companies use this unique email to confirm your request. Learn more about this feature here.

What’s New

No need for those paper phonebooks? Start your opt-out here.
Want to stop preapproved credit offers? Start your opt-out here.
Want to stop unwanted mail at the office? We now support Company Name in your account.

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