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from today's e-mail

My friend Dan (who also happens to be my daughter’s father-in-law) sends the best e-mails. I don’t usually forward stuff but could not resist this one. I will almost forgive

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The trouble with living in a glass house is that sometimes birds smash into the windows. Putting decals on the glass doesn’t seem to help. This little guy hit the

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Seal of Disapproval.

This is a re-post of a bit from 2007. I’m sorry to say, the hunt is still going on: I can’t imagine anything good coming of clubbing baby seals over

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obnoxious groundhog

I’m so sorry to have to share this, but I can’t help myself:  [youtube=] [thanks to Suzanne for the tip]

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mothers of a feather…

[gigya width=”400″ height=”300″ src=”” quality=”high” flashvars=”screenName=hwf-sidney2&locale=en_US&playerIconUrl=%2Fstatic%2Fws%2FplayerIconHWF%2Epng&playerEmbedLogoUrl=%2Fstatic%2Fws%2FplayerEmbedLogoHWF%2Epng&companyId=undefined” wmode=”window” ]

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the easiest way EV-AR to share a photo

Talk about your instant gratification. Go here:, click Browse, select the photo, then click “Drop It!” and the photo goes right up. Here’s an example:  And here’s one

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Christian the Lion

Well, for heaven’s sake if you’ve somehow managed to miss this, watch it IMMEDIATELY. RIGHT NOW. With sound turned on. [youtube=] I swear, people. I have to do all the

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Out like a lion

[youtube=]This woman rescued a lion cub in the jungle, malnourished and in bad shape…she nursed it back to health and raised it until it was too large to handle and care

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