in case you missed it…

Even if you’ve seen this before (it’s had like a bajillion views on YouTube), it’s worth watching again. Pretty much the best dog-in-the-snow video ever: [youtube=]

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the universal language

Here’s proof that it doesn’t matter what’s being said. It’s just that pug + first time in the snow + teeny snow boots = a laff riot. [youtube=]

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November 26 gratitude

Three things I’m grateful for: 1. The Internet, for enabling foreign publishers to inquire about translation rights to my books. I’m also grateful to my foreign rights agent and publisher

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sweet reunion

Anjali sent me this sweet link. It’s a soldier’s emotional homecoming as he is welcomed by his dogs, set to one of my favorite songs. Watch and enjoy!

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Surf's up!

I’m doing your surfing for you again! Would you please check out this video featuring Dr. McSwimmy? [youtube=]

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Christian the Lion

Well, for heaven’s sake if you’ve somehow managed to miss this, watch it IMMEDIATELY. RIGHT NOW. With sound turned on. [youtube=] I swear, people. I have to do all the

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The human face of a hot button

When this movie ended, everyone in the audience just sat there for a few minutes, trying to pull ourselves back together. As we filed out, still blubbering, the theatre manager said

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