Okay, now I'm smitten.

I haven’t been able to pick a favorite on American Idol lately. They’re all good. Tonight I’m ready to declare for Adam Lambert. Don’t take my word for it. Watch

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Don't take my word for it…

a sweet video about the collection… [youtube=] You can also join our Facebook Fan page here:

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musical interlude

Watch Porter the dog play and sing. You won’t be sorry. [youtube=] There’s always something good on the menu at the Daily Dish.

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"Walk away."

As you know, I always create a playlist for the book I’m working on. Sometimes, a character gets his own theme song. If you read the end of Chapter 2

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reading to music

I love to read and write with music playing. The playlist for writing Fireside is a thing of beauty, I gotta say. You can see it, listen to samples or

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lights out in Kentucky

…but that didn’t stop Anna Whitfield from curling up with a good book:  At about the one-minute mark, she can be seen reading a copy of Fireside. My kind

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images of Willow Lake

Avalon and Willow Lake are made-up places. But if they were real, they’d look a bit like this: [youtube=]

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