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I wrote a damn fine novel.

Dear Readers, I wrote a thing. Jennifer Weiner wrote an essay in Publishers Weekly deconstructing this phrase. I remember reading the piece on May 17–my birthday–and it felt like a

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I’m starting this year the same way I’ve started every year since I can remember–doing something I love. The trouble is, I love doing a lot of things. Being with

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What’s on your shelf?

What fresh hell is this? What’s wrong with this picture? According to this Buzzfeed article, 87% of us thing the practice of shelving books “spine in” is an abomination. The

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Shopping tip: Meet your favorite author at your local bookstore. Shout out to all the bricks-and-mortar shops that sell our books! @EagleHarborBook @bnkitsapmall @libertybaybooks #smallbusinesssaturday #booksigning #authors #books #holidayshopping

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finding home

Somewhat off topic, but I’m too excited not to share this with Seattle peeps, or anyone who would love to live in Seattle. My favorite husband has a house for

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Sunday dilemma

This is exactly #theviewfromhere, unfiltered. The end of my bed out to Puget Sound. The weather is going in the right direction, so the rain will stop soon. Which leaves

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hiding in plain sight

Today’s the day! A gorgeous new premium edition of THE SUMMER HIDEAWAY is on sale everywhere books are sold. Of all the Lakeshore Chronicles, this one has generated the most

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writing about real life

It’s been on my mind as I slog through the revisions on The Oysterville Sewing Circle (2019), a novel driven by domestic violence and the #MeToo movement. I’ve wanted to

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the "easier than you think" pie

People say something is “easy as pie” but I think they mean “easy as eating a piece of pie, right? Because most of us are pie-challenged. But there’s good news–it doesn’t

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signed book scavenger hunt

How do those special “signed edition” books happen? It starts with the bindery shipping thousands of pages to the author for her signature. Then she binge-watches The Last Post (which

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