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Okay, I'll shut up and write now.

It’s been so much fun talking with Deborah Bouziden all month! Our interview will be published in its entirety later this year–without all the asides to show you pictures of Barkis

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more of the tell-all interview

Deborah Bouziden: What is the most difficult thing about being a writer? What is the most rewarding? SW: The most difficult? The competitiveness of some writers and no, I’m not

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The book brahmin has spoken.

I’ve always wanted to be some kind of Brahmin except maybe not the bovine kind. Remember all those novels about “Boston Brahmins?” Did they just feel special? Anyway, head on

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a bunny-eat-bunny world

Another Q from Deborah: Back in ’89, you wrote a picture book, The Canary Who Sailed with Columbus. How did that book come about? Have you considered writing more children’s

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audio book giveaway winners

Thanks to all who took part in the Fireside audio giveaway! Here’s how the winners were chosen–with the super-duper Random Integer Generator. This will satisfy anyone’s inner geek. Interested geeks

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Good morning, Lithuania!

I’m proud to present The Ocean Between Us…in Lithuanian: Susan Wiggs Tarp mūsų – vandenynas Greisė Benet turi viską: nuostabius vaikus, ištikimą vyrą Stivą. Jos gyvenimas pilnas kelionių ir įspūdžių.

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big giant ad

Okay, the thrill of this is probably limited, but I had to share. Today’s USA Today features this ad for Fireside. I’m in favor of anything that assures my parents

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telling it like it isn't

Please enjoy this publishing fantasy from Macmillan. My 18 copy editors are laughing their blue pencils off. [youtube=]

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