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up close and personal

This is so cool! Click the link! Zoom in! What’s that in Michelle O’s lap?   This picture was taken with a robotic SHD 1,474 megapixel camera developed by Canon.  Click the

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November 16 gratitude

Three things I’m grateful for, thanks to artists who know a picture can express something so much more eloquently than words–(I’m lagging behind “real time” here, due to deadlines.) In

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November 3 and 4 gratitude

Today and tomorrow I’m going to fudge a little and only post one item of gratitude. I’m only posting the one because it’s the biggest, most important thing on every American’s

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Featured on Redroom

Maybe it’s just me, but when I hear “Redroom,” I find myself thinking of the scariest scene in The Shining. Imagine my surprise when I found most of my favorite

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