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from today's e-mail

My friend Dan (who also happens to be my daughter’s father-in-law) sends the best e-mails. I don’t usually forward stuff but could not resist this one. I will almost forgive

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The trouble with living in a glass house is that sometimes birds smash into the windows. Putting decals on the glass doesn’t seem to help. This little guy hit the

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wakey wakey

It’s worth getting up for! Please enjoy today’s sunrise. I’ll post more workshop notes after I’ve had my coffee.

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True blue

So Mike came over to take some photos of the house for a magazine article. He’s a talented photographer, and here’s one of his recent images. I love this shot because

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Shout-out to Charlotte

My favorite novel is Charlotte’s Web. I thought of that today while watching a pod of baby spiders hatching on my daphne plant. Click on the photo to get reeeally

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