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The human face of a hot button

When this movie ended, everyone in the audience just sat there for a few minutes, trying to pull ourselves back together. As we filed out, still blubbering, the theatre manager said

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What your speech says about you

Pop? Soda? Coke? Soft drink? Wash or warsh? Creek or crick? Carmel or cara-mel? Here’s a quiz about regional differences in speech and language. See if the quiz can predict where

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the grocer's apostrophe

How much do we love that phrase? I hadn’t heard it before, but it perfectly describes the nails-on-blackboard annoyance of randomly misplaced apostrophes. Or apostrophe’s, as our eponymous grocer would

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Pop Quiz

A lot of you knew what yesterday’s list of phrases had in common–though not necessarily coined by Shakespeare, all of those phrases can be found in the Bard’s work. Take

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Stop the madness!

Apostrophe abuse is one of the most common and insidious assaults on the written word. I’m sorry to say that one of my favorite computer programs, Dragon Naturally Speaking, gets it wrong

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