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happy hands at home

Katherine won the last drawing! And I’m desperate to try the black cherry soda. Today’s question is at the bottom of this post. Makeover time! I’ve written many a page

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the Crab of Doom

Barkis v. the Crab of Doom. See more photos here.  Today’s drawing is for a copy of the book of the moment, and a beautiful tin of relaxing herbal tea.

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musical interlude

Watch Porter the dog play and sing. You won’t be sorry. [youtube=] There’s always something good on the menu at the Daily Dish.

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last blast of winter

At fine bookstores and libraries everywhere, this October…and an early look at Christmas! Would you please check out the cover art for Lakeshore Christmas? Barkis is totally star-struck:

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The dog ate my copy edit.

No, really, he did. There’s something about those little copy edit flags he can’t resist. (A copy edit is an almost-final once-over on the manuscript. The copy editor indicates her

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3 girls versus the volcano

Sister, niece and I picked the hike labeled “most difficult” in Snow Canyon. No wonder we were the only ones on the trail. Big payoff, though. Check out these shots

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I am very inept at doing things on Facebook, but I managed to publish a note on my profile. Since I’m much more comfortable with WordPress, I’m pasting it here.

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Barkis is handsome and not afraid to show it. Soapbox: Dobermans have wonderful ears, and I wish breeders and owners would never, ever crop them.

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to the coast!

I had a big editing job on an upcoming reissued historical novel, so we headed for the coast so I could work on it. Oh, and play hooky. Most people

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new word: vibrissae

Here is Barkis in watchdog mode. Can you spot his vibrissae? Reminder–the quickest way I know of to share an image is Piccdrop. Real quick! Drop me an image! Put

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