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Christmas books

for book groups

So the lovely and talented Lindsey has made something for you. A downloadable, print-outable reading group guide, with a favorite recipe. Because we all know that a book club meeting

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sometimes funny, sometimes poignant

Of all the upcoming reviews for Lakeshore Christmas, I was probably sweating this one out the most–Library Journal. Because the plot involves saving the library, I reeeealllly wanted them to

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a holiday favorite

The folks over at Romance Reader at Heart posted this exceedingly generous review. I love this type of review because it’s full of the kind of thoughts a writer hopes

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November 21 gratitude

Three things I’m grateful for: Awrey’s Corn Toastums for breakfast Christmas books! I’ve been devouring them this season. I love reading other writers’ visions of Christmas. how cute Jay looks

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Making my list…

2007, like every other year, is the year of the book. Fully confident that none of my friends or family read my blog (really, they don’t), I’ll post a partial

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