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save the bees

Reminder that the First Lady of Washington State added beehives to the gardens at the governor’s mansion. Kudos to the lovely Trudi Inslee. #savethebees

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reading between the lines

The Oysterville Sewing Circle is not about sewing. It’s also not about oysters. But if you need this life-changing sewing kit, come to one of my events this summer and

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Espresso Brownies

This recipe is a twist on the regular brownies adding an espresso kick. It is a recipe featured in my new book The Oysterville Sewing Circle. Makes 16 ½ cup

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foreign affairs

Ahoj, Czech Republic! I’m loving the cover art from Albatros Media. Can you guess when book this is? Hint: The title, with all those groovy consonant letters, means “Ways of

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Mom and I have been writing together since before I could read OR write. How do I know this? Well, when I was tiny, she would patiently write down the

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beach reads

If I wrote it on a beach, does that make it a “beach read”? Nosy questions for readers– What’s in your summer book bag? Do you actually read at the

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memorial day :: lest we forget

From @Bookpage, a flashback to my conversation with Sandy Huseby about The Ocean Between Us, my tribute to the military families who struggle to keep their bonds strong during challenging

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Map of the Heart Read-Along

Join me this month as we read through MAP OF THE HEART together. For a full schedule download the discussion guide below: Some backstory: In MAP OF THE HEART, each

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