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a day in the life

Just another day in the life: ___ wrote 1500 words on the book-in-progress ___ interviewed a chef for my next book ___ answered 40 e-mails, deleted around 100 unanswered ___

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Writer aboard!

So this is a first, not just for me but for the ENTIRE FREAKIN FERRY SYSTEM. I’m having a booksigning on the ferry Thursday, on the 4:40pm Seattle/Bainbridge run.  Come

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All righty, then…

It was a perfect summer day, so we went out boating and found……..the Pyrex Museum. Can such things be? And just WHERE is this wonder?          

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Everyone's a critic.

Spotted next to a building site, being cleared for yet more projects: It’s unbelievably beautiful here. I’m kinda with the spray-painters. According to George Carlin, the biggest advantage to living

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casting my net

I sent this snap to a friend to convince him to bring his family for a visit this summer. Taken from my beach: Not sure why I thought of this

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Bringing the outside in?

Here’s the USS John C Stennis…from my bedroom. Interesting perspective. I was sure they’d come for me (note the contraband on the dog crate). I swear, I gave the mail bin back to

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Drip, drip, drip.

Someone on my message board was asking about the torrential rains and wind in this corner of the world. I think the boating is on hold for a while.

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Messing about in boats

“There is nothing–absolutely nothing–half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.” –Ratty to Mole in The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Graham Around here, we go boating.

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