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author interviews

"Reader, I married him."

  So I wound up the Book Brahmin interview with two more fun little queries: Favorite line from a book: “Reader, I married him.”   From Jane Eyre by Charlotte

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book evangelist

Another Q from Shelf Awareness: Book you are an evangelist for: SW: I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence by Amy Sedaris makes the perfect hostess gift—It’s everyone’s childhood in one volume.

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Okay, so I lied…

I said I was going to shut up and write, and I am, but first I had to visit with editor Andrea Richesin about, well, everything. Our conversation is posted

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Okay, I'll shut up and write now.

It’s been so much fun talking with Deborah Bouziden all month! Our interview will be published in its entirety later this year–without all the asides to show you pictures of Barkis

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more of the tell-all interview

Deborah Bouziden: What is the most difficult thing about being a writer? What is the most rewarding? SW: The most difficult? The competitiveness of some writers and no, I’m not

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How do you plot a novel?

Deborah Bouziden: How do you plot? Use an outline? What are your most common plot problems and how do you handle them? Have you ever had a plot disaster or

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Deborah Bouziden: Back in 2000/2001, you wrote a series of books with the Chicago Fire as a backdrop. Now in “Just Breathe,” Will is a fireman who is interested in

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humor in books

Deborah Bouziden and I have been talking all month! She asks the best questions: DB: You have such a unique sense of humor and that comes through in your books.

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Deborah: You’ve judged romance writing contests for different organizations. What mistakes do you see writers making over and over again? SW: Flat, ordinary writing and a lack of global knowledge.

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