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cover art debate

So as you well know by now, I am obsessed by book covers. It’s all part of my obsession with books. Now I need your opinion on an upcoming cover.

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the crazy quilt method

So in our interview, Deborah Bouziden asked a key question. My answer is short, because it’s not going to work for every writer. DB: When creating your characters, how do

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cafe d'amour

Can you believe how charming this cup is? Get it for your Valentine here. Heck, get it for yourself! Artist Sally Mara Sturman is amazing. I just love her handcrafted,

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in the news

Here’s a magazine article about this fun, retro beach house I live in. Rebecca Teagarden is a fantastic writer and editor. Photographer Mike Siegel took some beautiful shots–slide show here.

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November 16 gratitude

Three things I’m grateful for, thanks to artists who know a picture can express something so much more eloquently than words–(I’m lagging behind “real time” here, due to deadlines.) In

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