Susan Wiggs CD Collection: Snowfall at Willow Lake, Fireside

by Susan Wiggs
ISBN 13: 9781491542057 ISBN 10: 1491542055

Book Overview

Brilliance Audio (January 2015)

Snowfall at Willow Lake Published in 2008 & Fireside Published in 2012


International lawyer Sophie Bellamy has dedicated her life to helping people in war-torn countries. But when she survives a hostage situation, she remembers what matters most–the children she loves back home. Haunted by regrets, she returns to the idyllic Catskills village of Avalon on the shores of Willow Lake, determined to repair the bonds with her family. There Sophie discovers the surprising rewards of small-town life–including an unexpected passion for Noah Shepherd, the local veterinarian.


Baseball hopeful Bo Crutcher is about to get his shot at the majors. That is, until life throws him a curveball. When AJ, the son he’d never met, lands on his doorstep, Bo’s life becomes a whole new ball game. He needs help—fast.

Enter Kimberly van Dorn. Hired to smooth Bo’s rough exterior for the media, she expects the kind of shallow pro athlete she’s used to handling. But Bo is willing to sacrifice everything for his vulnerable son.