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Bom Dia, Brasil!

It always blows my mind when I see my books published around the globe in other languages and formats. For a story that started in my tiny corner of the world to make its way to readers in distant lands is a miracle to me. It affirms my belief that stories connect us, no matter where we are or what language we speak.

Brazil fell in love with THE LOST AND FOUND BOOKSHOP. I’ve never been to Brazil. I don’t speak Portuguese. But I started seeing post after post on social media, and hearing from readers in Brazil, and discovered that my humble little book about a lonely bookseller has struck a chord. So I’m doing the samba! I love Brazil and I wish I knew more than  Prazer em conhecê-lo!

Why Brazil in particular? My editor says readers never fail to be drawn to stories about their favorite place in town–the bookstore. Besides that, there is a brilliant publishing team in Brazil that coordinated book reviewers, bloggers, booksellers, and even a fellow author to help promote the book, and it caught on. Bestselling author Paola Aleksandra ( featured the novel on her Romance Bookclub platforms:–PjM7h/

Paola also created a show on YouTube that aired the video: The Lost and Found Bookshop was ALSO chosen for another book club called “Turista literário”(Literary tourist). Every month, Turista Literário sends a surprise box to subscribers with the book and some gifts that are inspired by the book, they create an experience of immersion in history. And rounding out our tour of Brazil, here is one of the most entertaining booksellers anywhere in the world! You don’t even need to speak Portuguese to appreciate his passion.

This year, I am going to seek out books in translation, starting with Brazilian writers. While I’m looking for a Paola Aleksandra book in English, here’s a list to get me started.

Stories connect us, helping us to understand, to empathize, and to share our humanity. #BooksInTranslation #fiction #readsusanwiggs


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