fascinating females

I’m supposed to be researching #TheLostAndFoundBookshop but I am very distracted by this. Strong women make history. They sue their cheating husbands, they raid the pantry, they arm themselves and

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safety net

We hear a lot about maintaining safety and privacy on the internet, but we’re online anyway, leaving digital footprints everywhere we go. For most of us who have nothing to

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Happy Mommy-versary

Happy Mommy-versary That’s what I call my kid’s birthday. Because really, on that day, Mom has something to celebrate, too. As a mother, I’ve had my moments of pride. But

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top o’ the morning

Nothing fancy, just a nice recipe for something called Irish Soda Bread. Why’s it called that? Bicarbonate of soda was introduced in the 1840s, and it reacts with the acidic

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Today, I’m working. The way to get better is to try something that’s hard. The solution to fearing the work is doing the work. #amwriting #writinglife

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