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"Barkis is willin'"

Would you please check out my adorable new companion? He is a lovely Doberman, eight weeks old today, and I named him Barkis, after a character in David Copperfield (and, not coincidentally, in Summer at Willow Lake). Dickens’s Barkis is a simple cart driver who falls in love with Peggotty after tasting her pies, and then sends David to give her his now-famous message, “Barkis is willin’.”
Barkis Verbossa Wiggs gets to keep his floppy ears and undying affection for his people. He already loves the great outdoors, and sleeping on my feet while I write. Consider me smitten!

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  1. Dogs and literature…two of my favorites. I’m up with my sick girl tonight and was flipping through blogs between trips to the yard when I found yours. I’m happy for you and Barkis! And I tell you what: my dog E, over the years since we found each other, has taught me more about what it means to be a friend, a human, and a companion than I could have ever hoped to learn from another person. Take care, and I’ll check back for updates on Barkis and your writing.

  2. Susan, those eyes would break any heart! What a wonderful little fellow. Growing up, two of our neighbors had Dobies and they are wonderful dogs! Loyal, sweet, and really friendly–your Barkis will be a great friend!

  3. Susan, the eyes and ears have it! 🙂
    What a goregous, wonderfiul little fellow.
    Barkis will be a loyal, loveable, playful companion and friend.
    He’s adoreable!

  4. We also have a Barkis,Im amazed there arent more,it seems an ideal name for a dog! He is a huge,bonkers border collie,and rubs along quite happily with Dorcas the cat! Joy.

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