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Susan Wiggs

lucky you

Calling all booklovers! The good readers at Goodreads are giving away 30 (yeah!) copies of the new premium edition of Map of the Heart. The large size paperback comes complete

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I’m starting this year the same way I’ve started every year since I can remember–doing something I love. The trouble is, I love doing a lot of things. Being with

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What’s on your shelf?

What fresh hell is this? What’s wrong with this picture? According to this Buzzfeed article, 87% of us thing the practice of shelving books “spine in” is an abomination. The

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a Christmas memory

My grandmother was a lifelong reader who had a quirky little habit of “rating” a book she’d just read. Long before the Internet was a thing, she had a system

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Holiday Offer

Dear Federal Workers, If you’re furloughed or lose pay due to the #TrumpChristmasShutdown and you’d like a signed book from me, send your mailing address to [email protected] and I’ll send

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Still working…30 years later

Working Girl with Melanie Griffith, Harrison Ford, and so many other recognizable faces. I loved everything about this movie. WHO’S WITH ME? And who is sad that we still have

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Shopping tip: Meet your favorite author at your local bookstore. Shout out to all the bricks-and-mortar shops that sell our books! @EagleHarborBook @bnkitsapmall @libertybaybooks #smallbusinesssaturday #booksigning #authors #books #holidayshopping

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I’ve always had mixed feelings about autumn. On the one hand, it’s hard to say farewell to the glorious summers we enjoy here in the Pacific Northwest. On the other

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finding home

Somewhat off topic, but I’m too excited not to share this with Seattle peeps, or anyone who would love to live in Seattle. My favorite husband has a house for

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What is the ONE THING you need to do in order to make perfect pancakes? I’ll let you know tomorrow,  live and in person ! Join me in making pancakes with you

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Sunday dinner

I’m a longtime fan of Maria Shriver‘s newsletter and books, not to mention her social initiatives. She invites readers to send pictures of their Sunday dinner time with family. This

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Sunday dilemma

This is exactly #theviewfromhere, unfiltered. The end of my bed out to Puget Sound. The weather is going in the right direction, so the rain will stop soon. Which leaves

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