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April Foolery

No point today except April Foolery. I didn’t take any of these pictures–they came to me in a much-circulated e-mail. If a picture is worth a thousand words, you can consider your writing done for the day.
horse & dog
Clearly, he lost the bet.

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  1. Long ago, when my Thoroughbred mare was immature enough to think that any 4 legged beast smaller than she deserved to be chased (and in the case of a number of ground squirrels – flattened)……..she did look JUST like that horse.
    I would hope that the dog remembers this and never goes in that paddock again!
    My mare, who was born before I finally married at age 29 was dubbed my mom’s “granddaughter”. We of course still have her, she is 20 this year, and my 16 year old son jokingly refers to his”sister” Rusty 🙂 Mom still calls her the “grandhorse”……Rusty has mellowed a lot and only gets feisty when carrots are on the scene and she hadn’t gotten her share yet.

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