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adopt a platoon

Thanks to Shelf Awareness for passing this along. Shelf Awareness is my favorite e-newsletter, even though I end up wanting to read every book they mention….
Pomegranate Books, Wilmington, N.C., collected care package items to send to troops stationed overseas through the Adopt a Platoon program. Collections ended last Sunday, and Monday Pomegranate’s Facebook page featured an enthusiastic expression of gratitude to local supporters of the effort: “The Wilmington, N.C. community really came together and helped us collect TONS of things for individual soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. We will be sending them through Adopt a Platoon.”
Another FB update added a “HUGE thank you to everyone who brought in Adopt a Platoon books, magazines, cards, snacks, soap, chapstick, shipping money, etc! We are sending a LOT of stuff over. Katie and Visha sorted it all today, and will pack for shipping tomorrow!”

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