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a holiday favorite

Christmas came early this year.
Christmas came early this year.

The folks over at Romance Reader at Heart posted this exceedingly generous review. I love this type of review because it’s full of the kind of thoughts a writer hopes a reader has while reading her novel. Filled with gratitude today!
Susan Wiggs has a holiday hit with LAKESHORE CHRISTMAS. It is the sixth installment in The Lakeshore Chronicles, and takes readers back to the sleepy, upstate New York town, Avalon. I haven’t read all of this series but the earlier books I missed are definitely on my must-read list. Ms. Wiggs
has created a realistic, charming setting for her stellar storytelling
skills. I am hooked, and I believe others will be, too.
This enchanting holiday story is about accepting the past and learning to
embrace the future-whatever it holds. Maureen is a librarian. She loves her
job and feels safe surrounded by the familiar stacks of books. Even though
she’s failed in the past at romance, she has come to terms with that…or
has she? When her job is threatened, she faces some tough choices and
agonizes over every single one of them. But while she’s slapped with bad
news career-wise, she’s just hitting her stride with the holiday pageant.
Eddie, a child film star, works with Maureen to bring off the best holiday
show ever. PBS is scheduled to do a documentary, and the last thing
Avalon-or Maureen or Eddie-need is a flop.
I love a character-driven tale, and this is one that certainly rises head
and shoulders above so many others. Maureen, Eddie, and everyone else in
Avalon, come right to life and off the pages. I felt Maureen’s indecision,
experienced Eddie’s failure, and understood how these characters got to
their respective points in life. Even the secondary characters are filled
with life and are people many will recognize. A sibling who expects more
than she gives, a trio of “at-risk” teenagers, a man who is so suspicious he
guards his power tools, and a host of others, make Avalon New York Anytown, USA. My favorite character is one who shall remain nameless, but I will say that I believe every holiday story should have an angel, and this one doesn’t disappoint!
I fell head over heels in love with the folks in LAKESHORE CHRISTMAS. I can’t think of many better ways to celebrate the holiday spirit than with a good book. I put Ms. Wiggs’ latest right at the top of my holiday favorites!
Kay James

AuthorName: Susan Wiggs
BookTitle1: Lakeshore Christmas
ISBN: 9780778326892
PubDate: 10/09
SubGenre: Holiday romance
Publisher: Mira
TopPick: Top Pick Addition

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