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The view from here

I’m lucky to live in one of the most scenic spots on the globe. Here is the view from my window in the summertime. Puget Sound, Mount Rainier and the Cascade Range, endless greenery, majestic trees, blue skies that go on forever. Well, maybe not forever...

Here’s the view today. We’ve been inundated with smoke from the unprecedented wildfires in California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and other western states. Driven by climate change, the heat and wind have caused immense and far-reaching damage.

While waiting for the air to clear, we’re advised to stay indoors with our air filters on high. Coupled with the ongoing pandemic, most of us really have no choice but to stay home.

Shout out to the essential workers who are keeping things going through this hellscape. I am eternally grateful to those who venture out to provide essential goods and services, make deliveries, and look after our health and safety. Special thanks to the rescue workers and firefighters on the front lines. They are doing the lord’s work, for sure.


For those of us who are homebound, remember that a book gives your imagination a place to go. Find a favorite author for a comfort read, or try something new to sweep you away. Call a friend or organize a video call to talk books. Find a share site like Bookbub for inspiration and ideas.


Trivia: I once wrote a trilogy of historical novels about the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. I still remember the hair-raising stories I read of real people fleeing the wind-driven conflagration that destroyed an entire city. THE HOSTAGE, THE MISTRESS, and THE FIREBRAND became reader favorites, and they’re still in print today. I promise that the characters found their happy endings, even though it meant facing danger and loss.


Please stay safe and healthy,

Susan Wiggs

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