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June 18, 2019

Ahoj, Czech Republic! I’m loving the cover art from Albatros Media. Can you guess when book this is?

Hint: The title, with all those groovy consonant letters, means “Ways of the Heart” or “Paths of the Heart.

It blows my mind that my books can be read by people the world over. So grateful to translators and publishers around the globe.

@AlbatrosMedia #BooksInTranslation

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  • I have enjoyed so many of your books…..The Oysterville, etc. was a book club selection for our group and received very positive reviews……I love the cover of the above book and hope it is another Bella Vista story….if it is not, when will there be a sequel to continue the story of Isabel, Mac, Tess, Dominic and all the supporting cast.

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