June 13, 2019

Mom and I have been writing together since before I could read OR write.

How do I know this? Well, when I was tiny, she would patiently write down the stories I told her–long, rambling monologues about the adventures of a middle child. She was such a busy mom (3 kids in 5 years) that she didn’t have much time to send letters to her folks down in Florida, so she’d mail them samples of our “work” each week. My grandmother kept all the little bits and pieces, and presented them to me one day in a Buster Brown shoe box.

mom taking dictation from her 4-year-old

And here we are again. Decades later. Still together. Still writing. Still dreaming. Still breathing.

Mom’s 88 now, and she’s been sick, but she’s getting better. Thanks to all for the encouragement and good wishes for her recovery. Trust me, it matters.

#Love #motherhood #eldercare

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  • Hi Susan! Please give Lou our love! Is the Sept. 11 appearance in Parma Ohio this year? Will try to get there, only 2 hrs from Jamestown. Love Gary and Marcia Kent

  • So happy for you. These days I have been rereading the letters my parents wrote during their years as winter Texans. I love hearing my fathers accent and choice of unusual words and spelling because of his spotty education. I am sad that my youngest grandchildren will not be able to read the letters, they are not taught cursive writing.

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